Building Great Businesses to Solve Real Problems

Workshop is a Venture Studio that invests and builds alongside founders in climate and education.

Our Team

We are a team of engineers & operators with deep experience in building and scaling companies from 0 to 1. We are passionate about solving hard, important problems in education and climate, and we are energized by supporting founders through their earliest stages of growth.

Our Philosophy

We work at the intersection of purpose and profit, driven by our belief that many of today’s most pressing problems require scalable, self-sustaining businesses that attract high-quality talent and growth capital.

Our Founding Partners

Before starting Workshop, our Founding Partners founded, scaled, and sold SimpliSafe, a multi-billion-dollar home security company, bootstrapping it from their kitchen counter to one of the country’s largest home security providers.

Two sides of our work

Venture Studio

We deeply partner with a small number of founders to build new companies alongside them.

Investment Arm

We invest in promising education and climate companies at the pre-seed and seed stage.


"Partnering with Workshop to co-found and lead Timely has been a transformative experience. Their team possesses deep expertise, a genuine mission-orientation and an invaluable sleeves-rolled-up mindset. They work collaboratively alongside our staff through critical challenges where seemingly no task is impossible or too small. And I have personally learned so much from the Workshop team, allowing me to grow professionally. They are a dream partner in how they propel company development and growth through thoughtful, intentional, hands-on, have-your-back support."

Paymon Rouhanifard

CEO, Timely

“Rahul and I are eternally grateful to the team at Workshop Venture Partners for their invaluable guidance and support since Monaire’s early days. They invested a significant amount of time refining our concept, conducting vital market research, engaging in customer interviews, and validating ideas for market viability. They were instrumental in helping us with the development and launch of our product. In addition to their resources, Workshop made substantial financial investments in Monaire. During our seed raise, they provided guidance in preparing for investor pitches and facilitated connections with vital investor networks, all of which significantly contributed to our growth and achievements.”

Nish Kanapilly

CEO, Monaire

"The Workshop team helped us build Monaire 2-3X faster than what might have been possible at traditional incubators. Together, we quickly found Product-Market fit and secured an oversubscribed Seed funding in under 18 months. Possessing all the essential components for early-stage startup triumph, the Workshop team brings to the table rapid technology stack deployment, swift strategies for assessing product-market fit, and hands-on guidance/coaching from seasoned operators like Chad and Eleanor Laurans."

Rahul Subramany

CTO, Monaire

Our Approach

Co-founder mentality

We are seasoned entrepreneurs that bring the perspective of having done this before, and are “doers” that roll up our sleeves to partner alongside you.

Tailored support

We work with 2-4 companies at a time, enabling us to provide our full attention & resources to each founding team.


We have built our model around the founder’s long term leadership, and see our role as supporting and accelerating the founder journey.

Our Portfolio